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We have four standard size:

3m x3m (10ft x 10ft)

6m x 3m (20ft x 10ft)

8m x 4m (26ft x 13ft)

10m x 5.2m (33ft x 17ft)

As our backdrops are fabric they can be folded around if the area you wish to cover is smaller than the backdrop.  If you use our stands, these are also adjustable.

We have adjustable stands available for our entire range of backdrops.

Yes, some of the backdrops can go outside, let us know which ones you are looking at and we can advise you.

We have both, printed and hand painted backdrops.  If you want to know more about the backdrop you are looking at let us know and we can help.

All our backdrops are fire retardant.  Some are on inherently fire retardant fabric and the others are sprayed with industry standard fire retardant spray.  

If you need any certificates on this we will be happy to send you any copies you require.

We have a nationwide courier that we use to deliver our backdrops.  You receive a 1 hour window via text or email on the morning of delivery.

If you are in the highlands or Island delivery can take two days.

Our courier will come back on the next working day after your hire to collect the backdrops from you.

Yes you are more than welcome to collect from our warehouse, however by appointment only please.

Our small backdrops come in a small courier bag and our bigger backdrops – or if you are having more than one backdrop – come in green tote boxes.

To return our backdrops if you have had a courier bag, there will be a new bag within the parcel you received for returns.  If you received a green tote box, the backdrops will be returned to this after use.  Please keep the tie wraps provided as these will be used to secure the box for transportation.


PLEASE NOTE: all backdrops need to be folded with the design on the inside.

This may be possible but you will need to call us immediately, so we check availability of the backdrop to make sure it is not booked out with another client.  If it is not we can extend your hire period.

Please call us immediately so that we can advise you on the best options and whether you can still use the backdrop for your show.  If the damage, is minimal you may be able to apply a temporary fix, but only after you have spoken with us and worked out the best action to take.

We do have end of line backdrops that can be purchased from us.  We are also offer some smaller sized backdrops for sale.

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